焼肉 新進気鋭

焼肉 新進気鋭

Yakiniku Shinshinkiei

東銀座 恵比寿 京橋 麻布 広尾 目黒 六本木HigashiGinza Ebisu Kyobashi Azabu Hiroo Meguro

2019年 時代の節目。東銀座に誕生した完全会員制紹介制 『焼肉 新進気鋭』。住所非公開、電話番号非公開にも関わらず、話題が話題を呼び、名だたる美食家、経営者、各界著名人が次々と会員入りし、僅か半年で、予約は半年待ちに。現在は5店舗まで拡大をし、多くの会員様にご愛顧いただく、私たちの代表ブランドです。A milestone of the times in 2019. Yakiniku Shinshinkiei", a new restaurant in Higashi-Ginza, was established as an introduction-only restaurant. Despite the fact that the address and phone number were not made public, the restaurant became the talk of the town, and in just six months, there was a six-month waiting list for reservations. In just six months, the waiting list for reservations was six months long.